Who am I?: The beginning of everything.

I will lay this out on the table right now. I will make a million and one references to musicals, nerd culture and music. If you want to stay and read despite all of that, then I think we’ll get along really well.


Right now down to business. I’ll be posting twice today, but only because I don’t feel that my first post should be something where I just ramble on about my life without an introduction first. So that’s what I’ll do here.

My name is Chelsea. I’m almost 23 and a half (which I still do count my half birthdays). I’m a music performance major, with a specialization in vocal, and I’m 90% sure that I’m going to make French my minor. I live in Michigan where it is surprisingly very warm for this time of year.


I’ll talk more about school and stuff in my second post today. Most of my posts will be about my life and my journey through this world. That’s why I chose my title. It happens to be one of my top ten favorite quotes from Doctor Who and it’s the perfect way to describe my life.

So here’s the story of my life. I hope you will stick around for it dear reader.

à bientôt



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