Things you taught me: a letter to my cat

My dearest Soxx,


Not a single day goes by that I don’t think about you. I miss you like crazy and the hole you left in me won’t ever be filled. But because of you I’ve learned so much about life and how to live.

It’s always time for a nap


You always took the time to nap. It was very cat of you to do so. You didn’t care where you were, if you felt like sleeping you did. You didn’t care if it was inconvenient for anyone, you did your thing. I now know that I shouldn’t care what others think when doing something I want to do.

You have to do things you don’t want to


I can’t count the times I put you in silly little outfits. You never once retaliated though. I know you didn’t enjoy doing it, but you still put up with my bullshit because you loved me.

Being fabulous is a lifestyle


You knew how to make an entrance. You knew how to make someone look at you. You had style and grace. Sometimes I couldn’t tell if you were a house cat or a Friskies model. Fabulous isn’t a choice, it’s a way of life.

Being scared is perfectly alright


You were always a little trooper. No matter if you went to the vet or you rode in the car the times we moved. You were scared to death, but you persevered.

Life is too short to be serious


You were an imbecile. You would chase anything that moved. Literally anything. You played with your food and hopped up on the counter to eat mine. You climbed inside furniture and on top of cabinets you couldn’t jump down from. And if ever I left the bathroom door open you went right into the shower, even if it was running.

Humans are generally annoying


I annoyed you constantly, but not as much as other people did. I’m surprised at how often you were out around people. You taught me that’s it’s okay to not like other people and that even if you don’t you can still tolerate them enough to live life.  You can’t let the stupid people get ya down.

True friendship is forever


I know you’re gone now and I’m forever going to miss you. But you taught me in our short time together that no matter what I’m always going to have you in my heart. The memory of you lives on inside me.


I’ll never have the kind of relationship I had with you ever again. You were my companion. You completed me in a way I really needed to be completed. And no matter how many cats I may have in the future none will ever compare to you. You were truly my best friend and I’m so grateful to have had you.


I’ll love you forever, My purr-fect little angel.

à bientôt




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