Voyage Dans Le Temps: To my best friend on her engagement.

Before we get started with the  actual letter, I will be writing and reminiscing with this playlist (Click me). They’re songs about you and I, so I hope you like it as much as I do.

Mon petite frère,

Katie, tu es très brilliante et Je t’aime beaucoup! I would continue in French, but alas I am unable to come up with anything else to say that I can say in French.

First off let me just say that I am unbelievably excited that you and Daniel are getting married! Like oh my god! It took me a few days to fully process the news and now without a doubt I can tell you that I am so happy!


I wanted to talk about us in this. A new chapter of your life is starting and I thought what better way to close this one than take a trip back to the beginning. I wish I could go over every detail from the past eleven and a half years, but that would just be too intense and a bit crazy. So I’ve decided to just talk about the journey.


We could have never been friends. If we hadn’t been in Mrs. Labour’s homeroom together, I’m not sure we would have. It’s strange to think of my life without you. It was a brand new chapter in my life and it could have gone in any direction.

I’m glad it went in this direction.

You’ve always been the person I looked to for encouragement and guidance, though you probably wonder why. You’re very wise, it’s a quirky wisdom that maybe not everyone understands, but it’s helped me out a lot in my life.

You always ask me what’s on my mind when I’m being quite, which a lot of people don’t even think to do. Though most of the time you catch me off guard and I have no response. It’s just wonderful that you take the time to care about me and my opinions on things.

I think the one thing I’ve always loved is how you aren’t afraid to be different. I’ve always strived to be that way too. And with you I know that I can be 100% myself and you will never care. You’re just as weird as I am and I love that we can be weird together.



I guess what I’m trying to say is that you are my best friend. I don’t know how else to say it without getting too sappy. You are one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met in my life and I’m grateful that I get to call you a friend. I know for a fact that, no matter what kind of person I would be or where I might be, I wouldn’t change anything in my life if it meant I would still be friends with you.

This chapter of your life is ending and it might be a bit scary, but you are starting a new exciting one and it can go any direction you want. Just like when I met you. I know no matter what comes, we’ll be there for each other. We a friends for life and I’m more than excited that I get to experience it with you.

So over the next year if you need me for anything at all, just know I’m a phone call away. I know you and Daniel are going to be happy together. I can’t wait for your wedding and to come along for the ride. Je t’adore mon petite frère.

à bientôt



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