What love is to me

Simple enough question right? What is Love? The dictionary definition is a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person. But is that actually love? Is that what love is? How do you know if you’re in love with someone?  Is love something that has to be reciprocated, or can just one party be full heartedly in love while the other feels nothing?

I decided I’d try to explain my point of view, though it’s not exactly the most experienced view and perhaps at times I can be a bit of a romantic. But here’s ten things that to me answer

What is love? (insert meme here)


1. Love is excitement. It’s a thrill you get just by being in someones presence. It’s the joy and anticipation of being able to be with them. Love is exhilarating.


2. Love is caring. It’s caring more about that person than you do about yourself. It’s satisfaction knowing that their okay and if they aren’t knowing you can help them if they want it.


3. Love is acceptance. Compete acceptance. It’s seeing someones every flaw and not giving a shit because be honest, you’ve got just as many. Love is unconditionally accepting differences.


4. It’s reliability. Maybe sometimes you fuck up and aren’t, but if you truly love someone you make up for that. You’re there for that person for whatever and it will take an act of God to keep you from it.


5. Love makes you silly. From the butterflies in your chest, to your inability to call your love by their name instead of shnookums. (real question do people actually use that pet name?) It’s okay to be silly, because you’ll both be feeling that way.


6. Love is comfortable. You aren’t in love if you can’t be 100% yourself with this person. So you like to eat yogurt with a fork, maybe they like to do that too. To refer back to #3, acceptance is what makes you comfortable.


7. Love is staying. Love is being right by someones side through it all. It’s not letting wild horses drag you from them. It’s being there.


8. Love is annoying. Like seriously, super annoying. And I don’t just mean annoying each other, which will happen. I mean if the two of you aren’t so annoyingly lovey that it makes the people around you want to throw up, you’re doing it wrong.



9. Love makes you happy. You should be happy in love. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Being in love means you’ve found that one person on this planet that is perfect and gets you. They should make you happy. But likewise they need to be happy too, and that can mean you being unhappy.


10. Love is the most confusing and frustrating thing you will ever experience in your life. It make you feel every emotion in the book and then a few you didn’t know existed. But when love is real and it’s pure, it’s the rarest and best thing in the world.


It’s crazy to think that people fall in love everyday. It’s so rare and wonderful that you think it will never happen to you. But when it does it’s so amazing, that it was worth the wait. That moment that you fall in love will be worth every night you spend alone.

So don’t give up on love. I know that there’s a person out there for you. A person who will love you in all the ways I’ve described and so much more. I believe love is worth living life. I believe that it’s what makes this world work.

à bientôt




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