A Midwest Girls Guide to Summer: Part two, what do?

Now that you’ve prepared for summer, you can do something with it!

“But what can I do in the midwest? It seems so boring there’s nothing to do!”

That is where you are wrong my friend! Here are ten things you can do in the midwest for summer fun times!

1. Theme Parks


There are a crap ton of them here! The most famous of course being Cedar Point and Six Flags Chicago. We have so many, because we have a crap ton of farm land and once it’s not usable it’s the perfect place to build a rollercoaster. If you’re a thrill seeker or just like to ride a carousel these mega parks have something for everyone.

2. Camping


If you’re someone who loves the great outdoors you’ve come to the right place. I personally can’t give any great advice on camping, but apparently it’s a big thing here. Almost everyone I know has or knows someone who has a cabin up north and will go and spend long weekends roughing it in mother nature. Personally I enjoy running water and air conditioning so, go enjoy some camping for me.

3. Swimming


Summer is swimming. Like sure maybe the west coast has surfing and the river states have kayaking but here in the midwest we have the largest amount of fresh water in the world. And we know how to use it. Going to the lake just like going camping is almost tradition (and a lot of the cabins mentioned previously are on or very near said lake) Even going to the pool or a water park is the best day ever. Just be sure to bring lots of waterproof sunscreen.

4. Baseball


America’s favorite past time is the biggest part of summer. The actual experience of going to a game is just the greatest feeling ever. No matter what the outcome of the game you just have a really good time. And sure you can watch it on tv, but Justin Verlander’s butt is a lot nicer in person.

5. Museums


Maybe you’re looking for something indoors that’s also educational so your kids brains don’t turn to mush. (which is not true btw) The metropolitan areas of the midwest have some of the greatest museums around. Just here in Detroit we have five large ones, one of which is actually an outdoors village with a working farm! Plus most towns will have their own small museums just about their own history.

6. Concerts and Festivals


Summer is concert season here.  It’s great because a lot of our outdoor venues have way more seating then indoor ones and artists know they’ll make a quick buck because of course we’ll pay to go be outside listening to music for a few hours after being cooped up for nine months. As festivals go, we have some of the greatest from Lollapalooza in Chicago to Movement Electronic in Detroit. The entire summer could be spent just attending music festivals in the midwest, and it’d still probably be cheaper than Coachella.

7. Beaches


When you think of the midwest, I’m sure beaches don’t come to mind. But we have them! They’re not like the beaches of the coastal states, they’re a bit more gravely. Most of the beaches are very small and just along specific parts of lakes (most likely because they aren’t natural) but around the great lakes the sand is very nice to hang out on, after you find a patch that doesn’t have tall grass growing out of it. Though most of the time the water is way too cold to swim.

8. Ice Cream


No summer is complete without copious amounts of ice cream. But I feel like here in the midwest going to get ice cream in the summer is like a religious experience. You will never see a Dairy Queen’s parking lot empty here. Maybe it’s because we love the frozen dairy goodness. Maybe it’s because we need the cold to survive. I don’t think we’ll ever know.

9. Street Hockey


Any midwesterner know that hockey is a year round sport no matter what the rest of the world says. Just cause there’s no ice outside doesn’t mean you can’t play. Honestly I feel like street hockey might even be more athletic than it is on ice, because you have to run. There’s also roller hockey, which is basically fancy street hockey.

10. Stay inside and watch Game of Thrones


Because it’s hot and humid outside, why would you want to go out there? You could spend the entire summer binge watching the crazy ass tales of knights and kings and Jon Snow who apparently knows nothing.

Hopefully you all find a way to enjoy your very limited summer. Because very soon it will be cold and you’ll question why you continue to live in a land that is covered in snow nine months of the year.

à bientôt


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