Becoming a vegetarian

A week and a half ago I gave up meat. This was a huge change for me considering that for twenty-three and a half years I’ve eaten meat for almost every meal. So why did I go vegetarian? Why now? How am I going to manage? Hopefully in this and some posts in the future I will be able to answer these questions and so many more.

Let’s start with why.


Let’s get one thing out of the way. I did not choose to do this because of the healthy eating fad going on at the moment. I did chose to do it to be healthier though. My family has a history of cardiac problems and cancer, the risk of both can be lowered by not eating meat. Also the thought of weight loss benefits for me was a real selling point as someone who’s struggled with their weight since pre-teenhood.

The second reason is the one I’m sure many people would expect. The environmental social justice fighter in me just had enough. This has been something that has been getting me to think about vegetarianism since I was about eight or nine. I never like the idea of eating living breathing beings. So then why haven’t I been vegetarian since then? I guess I desensitized myself to the idea that meat was animal flesh. I refused to think about where meat came from and any time I was reminded I got upset.

The third reason is that I just stopped enjoying the taste of meat. All meat. It’s been going on since about February this year and slowly I’ve just been dissatisfied with meals that had meat. So much so I wasn’t eating it, but I wasn’t supplementing the nutrients that I was missing. (10/10 would not recommend)


So why am I doing this now? This is my year of self growth. New Year’s Eve I decided that I was going to use this year to its potential and work on me. A part of that was starting this blog.  Another part was blocking out all negativity in my life. This is the next step. For all the reasons above and maybe a few more, I’ve decided that being vegetarian was something I needed to do to become the person I want to be.

In a little over a year I’ll be twenty-five. When I was younger I, like probably a lot of people, thought I’d be something so much more than I am. I’m no where even remotely near that person. Maybe I’m not meant to be exactly the woman I dreamed I’d be (I mean I did think I’d be married to Joe Jonas by now so) but I know that I’m not finished growing yet.

I’ve learned that nothing is going to come to me in this life. I’m not someone that happens to. If I want to be the person I dreamed of being when I was younger I’m going to have to make it happen myself. I am the only one who can control my life.tumblr_mld6z00clm1s22h73o1_500

So how am I going to do this? Well I will be honest, it’s not an easy thing to do. I’m not 100% sure that I’m doing this right. What if I’m not getting all the nutrients I need? What if I go somewhere and there’s nothing that I can eat?  I can’t be prepared for every little bump in the road. But what I can do is take the bumps and roll with them. I can learn from them, so that they don’t happen in the future or if they do I can be prepared.

It will forever be a learning experience and I’m prepared to continue learning. I don’t plan on ever going back to eating meat. And you know what it has not been easy at all. There are days where I just really want to eat a burger or half of Taco Bell’s menu. And I seriously miss eating tuna sandwiches, but I’m determined. I’m not going to bend and fold on this.

I don’t expect becoming a vegetarian will make me a perfect person. I don’t expect that I will ever be perfect. But if I can become someone better just by changing what I eat that’s something wonderful. And sure there are health benefits to doing this, but it doesn’t mean I won’t still eat a large bag of M&MS in one sitting. I’m really not sure what the end result will be, but does anyone really know that? Can we really claim to know what lies ahead of us? I don’t think so, which frankly drives me crazy. But maybe that’s the lesson this is to teach me. Who knows?

À bientôt 


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