Why Taylor Swift’s drama is irrelevant to life.

Even if you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, you have probably heard about every single problem that Taylor Swift is having at the moment. To recap for you:

-Bad break up with Calvin Harris

-Mysterious relationship with Hiddles that not a single person really thinks is real

-Kanye West’s new song (and out right creepy music video)

-Bullshit with Harris’ song with rhianna

-And something that Katy Perry is trying to be relevant with again.

Now that we’ve gotten all of this out of the way let me make this very bold statement.


This is not me trying to be mean towards Taylor or any other parties involved but seriously, I have used every single fuck I give about it. Honestly all none of this is surpising and I’m done with everything.

“If you don’t care why are you writing about it?”



I care about all the fucking media coverage this is getting. I care that every other article that comes up on face book is “Taylor Swift went for a walk, let’s recount how this is bad” or “Taylor Swift took a shit, how she’s just like everyone else”

Yeah, I would so much rather read about every little aspect of her life then you know how the “Dump Trump” party got shut down at the RNC or how three cops were shot in Baton Rouge yesterday. But Taylor’s re-wearing clothing like a normal person, must mean she’s making a video about her life.


Now I don’t believe that she’s asking for the attention or that she even likes it. But when in her entire career has she ever tried to fight against it? No seriously I don’t know, inform me if she has. But then why would she right? Because the number one rule of being in the public eye, all publicity is good publicity. The more you’re in the front of their mind, the more likely someone is to like you or hate you, which makes the fans support you more.

The reason Taylor doesn’t fight harder for her name in all this is because it pits her fans against the world, making them defend her in everything because she’s just the victim in all this right?


She’s twenty-six. She is a fucking adult and she can take care of her own shit without anyone’s input. Y’all need to get a life if you’re so caught up in this that you can’t see there is way more important issues in the world.

But how would you know since it’s on the front page of every newspaper and magazine. I guess compared to TSwift, things like the presidential race and race riots are just last weeks news.

À bientôt



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