I am not throwing away my shot!

Well by this time I’m sure that the entire country, if not the world, knows the outcome of the presidential election. And if you thought that the founding fathers were rolling in their graves over Obama, I can only imagine what they’re doing now. (Though some of them might actually like Trump who knows.) Basically, what we’ve done here in America is not only set ourselves back about a century, but we’ve shown just how divided we are as a people.

I swore up and down for the longest time I was not going to make a blog post about this god damned election because it was just so upsetting. But I’m not going to go down quietly. In past elections (wether I could vote or not) I had always joked about leaving the country if the republican candidate won. (which only happened once in 2004 with Kerry and Bush… but I was like twelve so that didn’t happen.) But last night around two in the morning I actually looked on Hopper for a cheap flight to Manchester, England. Like I was that disheartened about the election that hadn’t even been called yet! (To be 100% clear this is not going to turn into a  “See ya bitches I’m out” blog.)

I am not leaving.

I am going to fight.

I’m going to fight for everything that President Obama has worked so hard these past eight years to create. I’m going to fight for everything that Hillary and Bernie and every Democrat has worked and strived for this entire election cycle. I will fight and I will fight until the battle is won or I am incapable of fighting any longer. I will not allow things to go backwards in this country. I will not allow us to go back to a time where women were unable to be anything more than wives and mothers, a time where the color of your skin determined what you could do and where you could go. I will not allow us to get to a point where families are torn apart because of their citizen status, where because of a persons religion they aren’t even allowed in this country.

That is NOT America.

We may never agree fully on anything in this country and that’s just fine. But if we allow for hatred and fear to completely divide us as a country to the point that no one can even have a civil conversation about the problems at hand, we are no longer America. Only once we all agree to disagree and just realize that our country was founded on that very concept then maybe some people will get their heads out of the deep inward cavern of their ass that it’s stuck in since the 90’s and we as a country can actually get some shit done to improve our country.

In conclusion, Donald Trump may have won the presidency, but this battle is far from over. The republican party may have majority of congress, but there are still a good number of democrats in there to make things just as difficult as they have made these past eight years. The orange misogynistic, racist, bigoted, fat capitalist pig may have the white house, but we the people of these United States have the constitution and I for one will be using it for everything that it’s worth. I will check this administrations every breath against that constitution and they WILL be held to it.

Jefferson’s second revolution is coming, but it is not in favor of our President elect. Because just like my country, I’m young, scrappy and hungry.

À bientôt



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