Musical March: Stayin’ Alive

Seeing as I’m spending this month exploring the impact that music has had on my life I feel like I need to come clean about something. If there was a better time to come out, then I could not think of it. The truth is… I love disco.


Be honest are you really that shocked?

If you are then I’m pretty sure you know absolutely nothing about me. If not, you’re rolling your eyes because you’ve heard this a hundred times. But here we go again!

First things first; Disco is NOT dead. Disco evolved, into genres such as rave, house and hip-hop. (don’t believe me watch CNN’s The Seventies it’s on Netflix) Even if it was, that’s no reason to think it’s lame or stupid. Disco is a large amount of different styles of music from salsa to pop to funk. It was the first large scale usage of electronic musical instruments and it was the first large type of music specifically made for dancing. Like if you can listen to a disco song and not want to wear a shiny dress and get spun around a dance floor then you’re insane. (Well I guess most men wouldn’t want to wear a dress but I’m not judging.)



Secondly; Disco is my favorite genre of music so if you can’t accept that and hold your negative personal thoughts about it to yourself then just leave. Right now. Stop reading this sentence, close the tab and never come back to my blog, because I don’t have any time for that.


So how did come I love Disco? Well that is an excellent question. A question that I honestly can’t answer. The story, because there is always a story, is that one day while shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond, I was standing at the cd kiosk thing and I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor came on the previews. I’d heard the song before but something just clicked and I begged my mom to buy me the cd. (My mom bought it for me because I was like ten, otherwise I would have bought it and told no one)

I took the cd home and listened to it ad nauseam. I was hooked and I could not be stopped. Well of course I wanted to share this amazing thing I’d discovered with every person I met but I was met with a general distaste for it. Most kids my age had never heard it but thought it sounded dumb compared to the pop and hip hop of the day. Most adults who had lived through the Disco era acted as if they were embarrassed that it happened.

I couldn’t, and still can’t, understand how anyone could have actual negative feelings about Disco because it’s just fun. The bright, colorful lights, mixed with the strong beats that make your feet move even if you don’t know how to dance. And I don’t give a damn what you say, you know if Dancing Queen or Stayin’ Alive comes on you’re singing along with it even if it’s just under your breath.


I 100% accept the fact that you probably think I’m super lame, but I think that you’re missing out on a lot of fun. You can have your Beibers and your Timberlakes. I’ll be over here grooving out to the Bee Gees with my polyester and mirror ball.

à bientôt



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