Musical March: More than a woman

In my last post I mentioned my slight love of Disco on a whole. The genre itself being so large, I wanted to pinpoint some of the more specific parts that effected my life on a larger scale.

Let’s start with the Bee Gees.


The brothers Gibb, how do I start to explain my love for the Bee Gees? I realize that as I type this, I may lose any and all cool factor that I ever had with anyone but I don’t care. The Bee Gees have played an important role in my life. How you might ask, by being absolutely fabulous!

I mean seriously have you ever just seen the Bee Gees perform? Have you seen the Stayin’ Alive promo video? Because there is not another musical act in all of existence that can make this video work. (For your pleasure I’m providing you with the video)

Although I’m almost 1000% positive that my mother is really the one who got me into them (because how else do you explain the random Bee Gees greatest hits that just randomly appeared when I was seven? Especially considering my dad didn’t like disco.) The first moment I can clearly say that I remember the music of the Bee Gees is the big foot scene in A Goofy Movie. (In all honesty I think Goofy did the most for my love of Disco than anything else but that’s debatable)


Ever since I first heard that sound though I knew that there was something very special about this style of music. I knew that this was not just some fling and that I was going to be hooked. And I was hooked, on Stayin’ Alive. Literally whenever that song came on I would get super excited and sing along and if possible dance too.

It wasn’t until high school that I discovered I had had another one of their songs right under my nose. Growing up I had this little beginners keyboard that had all of the preset songs that you could learn to play. Well the very first song on that list just so happened to be How Deep Is Your Love. Of course it was just a crappy piano cover of the song so I really had no way of knowing that it was a Bee Gees song, but I feel like if I had known, I would probably know how to play it.


So what’s the point of all this and why do I feel the need to go on about the Bee Gees to you? Well I’ve got 31 posts to make this month and honestly I’m trying to fill it up with whatever ideas pop into my head. Also and more importantly, Romance.

Yeah I said romance. I may or may not have very high romantic expectations because of the Bee Gees. Their songs throughout my life have given me an almost unrealistic idea of what romancing should be like. I’m not going to sit here though and try to apologize for that, because I’m not sorry for being a romantic who wants to be serenaded with tender words that make me feel like I’m literally the most radiantly beautiful human on the face of the earth. I mean honestly if Barry Gibb serenaded me with any of their love songs I would probably actually die. (Especially If I Can’t Have You because that may be my favorite song in existence.)


I can say without a doubt that you’re probably thinking I’m completely crazy right now, but I’m okay with that. If liking the Bee Gees makes me crazy, lock me in the looney bin. They are a seriously wonderful and iconic musical act that I have no problem admitting I adore. And why shouldn’t I, their male singers I can actually sing along with and not feel like I’m straining my voice. So I love the Bee Gees and I always will.

À bientôt




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