Musical March: Dancing Queen

To continue on my Disco journey, we must first go back to 1999 and this music video.

The A*Teens came into my life with this funky new song and I adored it! I loved to dance around my room to this and a good number of their songs. (This is how I spent most of my free time as a kid… listening to pop music and dancing in my room. I’m not joking) But I was unaware that this song was not an original of these hip Swedes. In fact it was the original song of another group of Swedes that were way more fabulous and funky.


That is right ABBA is my next Disco love.  So what is it about ABBA that makes them better than A*Teens? Well first of all auto-tune didn’t exist in the 70’s so… I don’t think we need to get into that.

ABBA is the epitome of, well frankly, Eruo-pop period. After winning the Eurovision contest in 1974, the first Swedish win in the contest, the group would go on to become the most successful group in the history of pop.

What does that have to do with why I like them? Well not much actually, I mean they could have been relatively unknown but I’d still love them. Their music is fun and unique to only them. You can hear the intro to any one of their songs and almost instantly you know that that’s ABBA. (Well if you know their sound anyways)



So what do I love about them? Well it’s honestly that the unique style of their music draws me in. It’s almost a pop-rock blend with subtle hints of sixties British Invasion with seventies disco and it just gets me. It’s almost like everything that I love about the music of the time in one group. And I am not alone in this love of ABBA, my best friend also happens to be a big fan of them as well. (It’s a future trip plan of ours to go to Stockholm literally just to go to the ABBA museum and be like those old ladies that walk around Graceland crying)

But maybe you’re saying, “Chelsea I just don’t like the way they sing. It’s hard to understand them.” To that I say that’s stupid and you’re being a bit discriminatory. (I’d like to see you sing perfectly in Swedish) But if you mean it with no ill intent, you’re in luck because guess what there’s an entire Broadway musical with just the music of ABBA!


Mamma Mia! is possibly one of my favorite musicals ever and it’s only partially because all of the music is from ABBA. (It’s mostly because Meryl Streep and Colin Firth is in the movie version.) But if you’re not quite ready and willing for the singing style of ABBA you can get accustomed to their music with the soundtrack.

So I know that while it may not be a popular opinion, I believe that ABBA is  one of the best pop groups ever and I absolutely love them.  Not that I was really trying to convince you to agree I would hope that I’ve at the very least brought you some idea as to what they are all about. ABBA gives me a feeling that I can have fun and joy in my life without worry or care of other’s opinions. When I hear Dancing Queen, I really feel like I am that dancing queen.

À bientôt



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