Musical March: Age of Aquarius

If the 2001 film Moulin Rouge is correct I would say that I am of the Bohemian mind set. Now being a child of the 1990’s, a time of transition between the power suit Wall Street driven 80’s and the millennium, it’s quite an interesting idea that I could have this tendency to be such a care-free tree hugger type of person. The reason is that I love the psychedelic, transitional, and very experimental rock of the late sixties and early seventies.


Now the music of the sixties and seventies on a whole was pretty great but it’s this specific moment, this movement that has effected me the most in my life. Now I’m not into drugs and free sex or anything like that. What I’ve taken from the psychedelic rock era is freedom.

Freedom from convention and normalcy. If you’ve ever seen me when I’m not at work or having a bad day, you’ll notice that I’m dressed in quite eccentric style. (It’s actually very similar to the styles of this music movement. I don’t know why but I think it’s cool.) I tend to be very open minded about everything and I’ve never once judged anyone for their opinions or choices, unless they cause harm to anything else.


You might ask how one can truly understand the music and the culture surrounding this time without the drugs and though I’m not into that lifestyle at all, I have to admit that I did try marijuana once. I tried smoking it and it was just a very unpleasant sensation. (The smoke burned my already sore throat so I did not take enough to get high, don’t worry mom) But my experience with psychedelic music is that you don’t need the drugs to experience the high that it gives you. (Though I’m sure that some of the lyrics would make a lot more sense if you’re high)


To me this music is about freedom in every sense. Freedom of self, of creativity and expression, and freedom of spirit. The music of psychedelia to me is a spiritual movement that opens the mind to the idea that maybe everything you were told was a lie, but maybe it’s not. It gives the mind set that you are the only one that can determine your reality. It really is just about love and peace and understanding and this world, especially in recent years, could really use a whole lot more of that.

À bientôt



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