Musical March: Teenage Dirtbag

I said in the very first post this month that in the despair of my preteen years, I turned to pop punk instead of talking about my feelings. While you’d expect me to be talking about that in a post about pop punk I’m not going to do that today. I’ll save that for a second post.

Today I wanted to do a favorites/top twenty songs list! Because this project is actually killing me and we need a fun, silly post to break up the intensity of it. (Though it’s not really an ordered top twenty more just numbered so I can keep track.)


1. The Middle – Jimmy Eat World


I feel like this is on every single list that’s even remotely similar to this one, but maybe that’s because it’s such a damn good song. I have to be 100% honest until I met my best friend who, along with her brother, is in love with this band, I had no clue who they were. But I knew this song and I loved it! Now that I do know who Jimmy Eat World is, I’m coming to love more of their music which is only a good thing.

2. The Anthem – Good Charlotte


Wow this song seriously throws back for me. Like back to my tomboy  phase where I might have seriously considered being a professional skateboarder despite having zero balance. (Though I’d still love to learn) But this song was just such a fight the system kind of song (as was the group) and it really played off of the emotions of difference and un-acceptance I felt at the time. Now it’s just a fun song that I still enjoy listening to when I feel like the system sucks.

3. Dance Dance – Fall Out Boy


Yeah I am Fall Out Boy trash and any FOB fan will probably tell you this is literally their greatest song. What about it makes it so great though? Does anyone really know? I like to say that it’s the beat along with Patricks vocals that make it perfection.(Which lets be honest when are Patricks vocals ever not amazing?) Whatever it is that makes this song so freaking amazing, it is one of my favorites.

4. Shut Up – Simple Plan


Another throwback for me, but oh man was this my jam! I loved Simple Plan and still do. The funny thing about Simple Plan and their songs and in particular this one is that they almost predicted events in my future (Well past now… at least I hope I don’t have to live through any more of their songs) This song at the time of it’s release was just so loud and made me feel like I could do anything!  I wanted to be just like them and I’m not going to lie that I totally had a crush on Pierre.

5. Welcome to the Black Parade – My Chemical Romance


Arguably one of MCR’s best songs, I couldn’t very well make this list without it. I first remember hearing this in the heyday of MySpace. Almost everyone I knew had this song on their profile playlist and it was most likely followed by something really completely different from it. But Welcome To The Black Parade is essentially everything that is right and perfect about pop punk and if someone were to ask me about the genre I would point them to this song.

6. Ocean Avenue – Yellowcard


Is Yellowcard pop punk? I think so, I’m going to say they are. I first heard this song on NOW 16 and I honestly think that the violin in it is what got me hooked. But this song also sort of mixed the pop punk with the cali rock of the time that I was also a pretty big fan of and it’s just a great song and has a pretty great music video too.

7. Buddy Holly – Weezer


Weezer is just great. I love their music and this song in particular gets stuck in my head quite a lot. (Probably because the chorus is so gosh darn catchy) Also the fact that the music video is somehow in Happy Days is just great. I’d love to know the story of how that happened. Was it green screen? CGI? Because for 1994 whatever it was it’s amazing.

8. Fatlip – Sum 41


Ah yes another band I was definitely not “allowed” to listen to but still found some way to do it. I feel like that’s a sign that you should probably not try to stop your kids from doing stuff like that, because they’ll just do it behind your back. But if you can’t tell the early 2000’s I was into the whole screw the system phase. Not that I’m not still, just now I’m more of a use the system against itself. (Can I also make a point of saying I was still listening to boy bands at this time. So make sense of that.)

9. Dirty Little Secret – The All-American Rejects


Oh be still my 8th grade heart. The All-American Rejects were the creators of my middle school soundtrack and Tyson Ritter and his bluest of blue eyes the leading man. Honestly this song is just super fun and while I have the entire album on my iPod (yes I still use an iPod) if this or any of their older songs come on the radio I’m instantly transported back to the days of Ore Creek Middle School when I was fully in my emo phase and seriously thought I would become Mrs. Ritter.

10. Time To Dance – Panic! At The Disco


HAHA! This is not the Panic! At The Disco song you thought I’d put was it!? If I’m honest, yes I do adore I Write Sins, but it is a bit over played, but Time to Dance (Which is from the same album if you’re wondering) I found by happy accident. In the days of Limewire, I was looking for I Write Sins but couldn’t remember the name of it (for some reason) and thought maybe this was it. Well it wasn’t but I instantly fell in love with this song!  Honestly what Panic! At The Disco song isn’t great though? Also Brendon Urie is a fucking cute little shit and I love him.

11.  Teenage Dirtbag – Wheatus


Sorry girls, but One Direction and 5SOS did in fact cover this song and they did not do it justice. But this song is like the ultimate loser love anthem. I’m honestly not sure that I knew this song back in the day but I feel like I remember it… No matter what it’s a great song and you should all listen to it.

12. Check Yes Juliet – We The Kings


Ah high school pop punk, just as good and moody as my preteen years, but more romantic. I absolutely adored this song and the album it’s from. So much so I honestly do not think the cd left my car from like October of my junior year until after graduation. I don’t know what it was about this band and this song that just engulfed me but I don’t regret it. Though personally I wasn’t that much of a fan of they’re second album, so I kind of lost interest in anything outside of this album. Still, it’s a great song.

13. Dear Maria Count Me In – All Time Low


All Time Low is a new one for me. I mean they’re not new, just I’ve only recently gotten into them. I know this is probably the most over played song of theirs but I really enjoy it and it’s just a very typical pop punk song and I love it. (If you know you also like All Time Low and want to suggest any of their songs to me I’d love that.) Also can I say that in this music video, Maria is a terrible stripper.

14. Somebody Told Me – The Killers


Are the Killers pop punk? I’m pretty sure they are but they could also be in the electronic area… Electro-Pop-Punk? Let’s go with that. Anyways this song is my jam. I’m listening to it while I type this and it is taking all of my energy not to sing along, but because my mom might be very concerned if I just randomly start singing I won’t. This is the song that when it comes on the radio or the dj drops it at the club (But let’s be honest I really don’t go to the club) I have to dance and yell the words at the top of my lungs.

15. Misery Business – Paramore


This was such an amazing song to me when it came out. I may have used this song as a catalyst for my feelings for a guy I liked in high school, but luckily for me that thought never escaped my lips because oh man would that have been embarrassing. This song though still brings this sense of badass female to my mind.

16. 1985 – Bowling For Soup


This song was one of the songs that made middle school for me. This album is probably why I was not allowed to listen to them and my copy mysteriously disappeared. It’s just a super fun and silly song and it took me a million years to actually get all of the references.

17. Scars – Papa Roach


Well if you thought I wasn’t emo guess what… I was. This was one of those blast though my headphones songs so I didn’t have to deal with my shit and it worked. Now I’ve moved on since those days, but when I hear this song it reminds me that all of that happened.

18. The Great Escape – Boys Like Girls


So this song is kind of what brought me back into pop punk after a brief hiatus from in my sophomore year of high school. I only know like two other songs by Boys Like Girls one of which is that kind of overrated song they did with Taylor Swift, but this song is a pretty amazing one and it’s always going to be one of those songs that just remind me of the good times in high school.

19. Stacy’s Mom – Fountains of Wayne


Oh this song brings back so many memories: Dancing ridiculously and singing terribly along to this at the 8th grade Valentine’s dance with my best friend, joking with my friends about how I’m going to name my daughter Stacy (Because let’s be honest, I have got it goin on) and also the video making me question my sexuality. Yep that happened, that is a thing that happened. But I like totally get the kid in this song/video because like if, man or woman, my friends attractive parent was constantly wearing minimal and taking off clothing in precarious places such as in front of a window with open blinds, yeah… I’d have the same reaction.

20. Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been – Relient K


And finally we come to Relient K. As you can probably guess from this post around 8th grade I started going to church. Yeah no I did.  I was actually was a full hearted christian  for about five and a half years. Long story short I am not anymore but I still love Relient K and this song has been for the longest time one of my favorites of theirs. I think my favorite part is that they have that pop punk sound but at the same time their music is something the whole family can listen to and enjoy.

Now if I really wanted to I could continue this post until I had every single pop punk song I know. Trust me, nobody wants that post. Each of these songs are awesome in their own right and they bring back a lot of really great memories, and maybe a few not so great ones too. Pop punk is a huge apart of my life and my life story cannot be told without it.

À bientôt


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