Musical March: Take on me

For a bit of factual information before the bulk of this post gets started; I was born on August 8th, 1992. Keep that very much in the front of your mind as we continue.

I am the youngest child of three, by eleven years. My mother had my siblings when she was younger than I am and this influenced me in my childhood to the point that there are many moments I forget that I was not born in the 1980’s. The biggest factor in this is popular music of the 80’s, which more often than I care to really admit I will ask a friend of mine if they also remember when such and such song came out. To which they reply, you weren’t even alive yet. (Like thanks for the buzz kill btw)

Now I’m very aware that I was in fact born in the 90’s, please don’t throw me in the looney bin, but every once a while I feel like it’s nice to kind of forget that your life is such a defined time strain. Like when I’m feeling down about life I like to imagine that I was in a different time and that maybe not everything was perfect or even better but that things were just different. 80’s pop music helps me do this all the time.

It’s fun to imagine myself in different times when I could wear loud bright colors and have huge hair. And maybe just maybe, the dependancy that I have on the internet and on electronic devices such as my smart phone makes me long for a time when I wouldn’t have even been able to afford such luxuries.tumblr_lmyg6e4npm1qhjikro1_500

 80’s music is pehominal and I will touch on it a lot more in another post, but I just wanted to wet your appetite and get started with a short post about it. 

A bientôt


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