Musical March: This Is How We Roll

My love for country music is something that proves the environment you grow up in effects your life immensely. Because by all rights, I should not like it. My mom detests it and honestly so does most of my family, with the exception of my sister and my family in Alabama. So why then do I love it?


Obviously because I grew up in a tiny little farming town that is so scarcely populated that it’s actually not even legally a town… it’s a village. I grew up in a farming village. So to say that I am a country girl at heart would be a very accurate statement. I don’t think I could avoid the country if I tried.

It seemed that no matter what kind of person someone was at my school, if they were the preppiest cheerleader or the most “gangsta” or emo, everyone liked country music. (Now wether or not they’d admit it was a whole other story.) The point is even if I had tried to stop it, I was doomed!


Now before you get an idea that I’m just 100% in love with all of the country genre let me stop you. I’m not. I actually mostly only like newer country music, like late 90’s on. I mean sure if you’re one of those people that considers  Johnny Cash and Lynard Skynard as country, I like those, but I don’t consider them to be country so my original statement is still valid. I love Luke Bryan and Carrie Underwood and most artists like them. I know a lot of the music sounds the same (trust me when I’m listening to a country station, 60% of the time I have no clue who’s actually singing) but I just really enjoy it. It’s fun and it just reminds me of the cool summer nights where my friends and I would hang out around a bonfire in a field.

Okay so that never actually happened but it could have and I can dream can’t I?


So though I may not always look or even act like it, I’m always going to be a country girl who just loves her some country music. So what if half the songs are about trucks and the other half are about running over your dog in said truck, I still love it.

A bientôt



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