Musical March: Under Cover

Cover music: some love it, some hate it. Even still some are just meh about it. To me cover music can be amazing and wonderful; but it can also be the absolute worst thing ever.

Personally my favorite type of cover is when punk, metal, and screamo bands cover famous pop songs because 9/10 times it’s way better. For example this cover of Justin Beibers Beauty and a Beat

But then there’s the good old fashion cover band. Those bands that make it their schtick to cover other bands. That’s where I get absolutely turned of. I’ve actually seen one, in high school I saw an ABBA cover band under the thought that I was actually going to see ABBA… we left early because I was extremely disappointed. The worst though in my opinion though are Beatles cover bands, especially those who actually dress up and pretend that they are The Beatles. (#stoprain2k17 anyone?)


While the cover band is oh so “amazing”, I think the best place to discover good cove music is youtube. So many days have been spent surfing through the depths of youtube to find an amazing cover version of literally anything I could think of! And this is actually a lucrative business venture. For example, Sam Tsui; This guys been around since the early days of the youtube music scene and I first heard about him through my friends six and a half years ago! He’s still out there making amazing covers though like this one (which happens to be one of my favorite songs at the moment.)


Because I cannot express how awesome some of these songs are, I’m going to make you all a playlist of my favorite cover songs, not necessarily just from youtubers, and link it here.

A bientôt



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