Musical March: The Hardest Thing

So on the fourth of July last year, I made a top ten boyband list. This list was completely subjective and I did my very best to not play favorites. (I’ll let you determine wether it worked our not) But today I’ve decided that I wanted to make another top ten boybands list. But this time, there are no rules and this will be objective AF! That’s right I am about to give you my top ten favorite boybands of all time and I’m pretty sure you will not be at all surprised.

For this list, like I said there are NO RULES! None, absolutely none. So this will include everything the last list had, plus Euro-pop, K-pop, and all those other groups that aren’t technically boybands but everyone still calls them one ie: Hanson (spoiler alert they are not on this list.)

10. TVXQ


I AM SO HAPPY I’M DOING KPOP ON THIS LIST!! So this was the very first experience I had with Kpop and I literally remember just sitting there watching their music video for the song Mirotic with my jaw just dropped the entire time, because as someone who grew up obsessing and loving beyond a healthy level boybands, seeing this for the first time was just like mind blowing. Even though the group is only two members now, it’s cool because they still kill it!

9. Shinee


I cannot remember how I found out about Shinee but I’m pretty sure it was by happy accident. I don’t know what to say other than they are absolutely adorable! Also pretty. Very pretty. Like seriously, is it just a norm with kpop groups that there isn’t a generally agreed upon least pretty member? Where are the Chris Kirkpatricks of kpop!?

8. Big Time Rush


Yay they don’t have to be number ten this time!!! It seriously hurt to put them that low last time, but now they get to be number 8! (Which is my lucky number which is why I’m happy it’s them!) Now hate on the show all you want, but I think it was a darn good show. I mean sure there was some stupid humor, but it was a Nick show, we’re really going to judge that? (Especially considering some of the actual garbage show’s coming from Nick and  Disney) Plus they are literally the only old fashioned American boyband to come out of the ’09-now resurgence of the boyband. (Or at least the only one that has any notable work) I for one cannot wait to see what they do in the future wether it’s as a group or solo (Because James and Kendall are still making music you should all check it out it’s great!)

7. BlockB


I swear this list is going to be the last Kpop group! I love them so much! They are literally my favorite Kpop group period! I don’t even know why, they’re just so great to me! I know that their music videos, like most kpop groups, are a bit eccentric and I love them! (Also Jaehyo is so flipping cute!)

6. The Jackson 5


Okay so I told you I was going to include some groups that aren’t really boybands but everyone keeps insisting that they are. Well I can at least understand it with The Jackson 5 because they did have perfect harmonies, they wore coordinated outfits and they had choreographed dancing. So technically they’re more of a real boyband than One Direction! But as I’ve said in the past (The way way past) I love Motown, so of course I love the Jacksons.

5. One Direction


Yeah yeah… You know they’re British (and Irish!) How does one turn that down! I don’t think they’re the greatest band ever by any means but they don’t have to be to be enjoyable, which they are! And hey at least they made it higher on this list!

4. New Kids On The Block


Like I said in the original post, these guys have been around for around 30 years and bro they are still freaking making great music! Seriously they just released a new single like four days ago and it’s amazing!! I know I wouldn’t even like boybands if it wasn’t for them and the excessive amount that I know my sister and cousins played them when I was just a wee babe. So thanks for that, I’d have had nothing to write for today.

3. The Jonas Brothers


If this was a favorite bands in high school list, the Jonas Brothers would be the entire list. That’s really not a joke, I may have had an unhealthy obsession with them. I thought this was under control by the fact that I didn’t cover one of my walls with their faces… it happened to be the wall that both my closet and bedroom door were on. The point is that they are amazing and I still love them !



Yes I just used a gif that specifically highlights JC and has the rest of the guys kind of blurry. No I have no shame in that, he has my heart for eternity. I could not very well have any type of list of boy bands without having *NSYNC on it because I fucking adore them! Like if it was a cool thing to do (and I think it totally could be if I was not a ver feminine shaped woman) I would 1,000,000 create an *NSYNC cover band and I would teach them all the choreography and I’d definitely be JC because he is kind I am the only one who could sing like him. (This is turning into a JC Chasez appreciation post and I’m not sorry (Now I’m going to give you a song that truly showcases his talents because JT ain’t got NOTHING on JC)

1. Backstreet Boys


By this point in my blog I really hope that this is not at all a surprise because I just really really want to just say that I mother flipping love this freaking band so freaking much! Okay like I’ve said probably every single time I’ve ever talked about this band they mean so much to me because their music has been this steady rock in my life and they literally are the best! There is absolutely nothing I dislike about the Backstreet Boys. So before this section turns out like the last section, lets just end this with the music video!

A bientôt





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