Musical March: What to do with a Drunken Sailor

I couldn’t very well do a blog everyday in March about music and not talk about the land that has given life to some of the most poetic, the most soulful and the most singable music to ever be created.



(Get ready for me to be so fucking biased. And I will not apologize for it either)

So why do I bring this up today of all days may you ask? Because it’s St. Patrick’s day! The one day a year when the Irish rightfully reign supreme! And by supreme I mean we actually get appreciated for once. Not for any of our accomplishments, but for our ability to drink and party… Which is ironic because St. Patrick’s day is a religious holiday and I’m like 900% sure that St. Pat himself never drank… but that’s a story for another post.


We Irish are notorious drinkers. Not all of us, but let’s be honest even I’ve been known to dink my weight and then some more. This drinking gift plus centuries of shit throw upon us, mostly from the Brits, gives the perfect fuel for the Diddy called the pub song. Now if you’ve never heard an Irish pub song, You are missing out. Pub music is essentially a guy (or a woman ain’t no sexism here) who get’s up, sometimes on a stage and sometimes right up on a table or bar stool, and starts to sing a song. Most times the song is about heartbreak or fighting, but it’s always sung with pride and muster. Then at usually the first refrain or chorus the entire pub will start, drunkenly 90% of the time, singing along at full volume. Honestly I don’t think most people know about half the words to any pub song, but that’s the glorious thing about the Irish, we always sing along anyways.


The sound of Irish music is pretty much the most iconic sound you will ever know. Even being Irish I honestly do not know how to describe it, so I will just let you listen to it.

We even have our own genre of Rock because we’re that awesome! But as you heard in the song (provided you actually listened to it) you hear the accordion and the pipes which are so iconically an Irish sound. The sounds also featured in a lot of fantasy film scores such as Lord of the rings (Mostly when there are hobbits, my theory is that Tolkien created the Hobbits inspired by the Irish)

So to all of my Celtic brethren and everyone who wishes they were us, I wish you the happiest of St Patrick’s Day. I also implore you to be responsible and safe while drinking. 

A bientôt 



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