New York Blog: Day Zero

So tomorrow morning myself and three of my best friends are packing up and driving the eleven-ish hours all the way to New York City!


We’ve been wanting to do a vacation/roadtrip/weekend group thing together since like 2013 so this is like a huge deal and it’s finally here!! Today is day zero because I’m currently sitting in Claire’s nerd den while she finishes some of her work and I’m bored. So I thought I’d start this little mini blog diary talking about our trip! I don’t exactly know what else to write about because nothing has exactly happened yet, but I am just super pumped about this trip! I may not come off as the most enthusiastic person about it, but I am really excited about this trip!


I mean New York has always been one of those places that just seems to draw me in. The problem is that I’ve never had an ability to get there, so in a way I guess I’m fulfilling a life dream/goal. In a way I guess that also sort of scares me. I’ve always been really drawn to big cities, perhaps because I’m from a small town, perhaps because I like the idea of being able to disappear into a crowd. So that part of me worries that I’m going to fall in love with the city and want to go back; permanently. Which obviously is a very bad idea considering my life plans. Then again I could always apply to law school in New York. (We’ll see how it goes)


No matter what happens this weekend, I know that it’s going to be super spectacular and I’m going to have a good time with three of my best friends! Who knows maybe my trip to Boston for opening day next year will squash any “moving to New York” thoughts.


A bientôt 



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