New York Blog: Day One

So we are finally here and settled into our air b&b, but boy let me tell you this trip was insane!

We started off from Claire’s house around 9am and we actually made it on the road on time. We drove for what seemed like a million years and then we reached our first stop; an eerily familiar and extremely fancy  Ohio rest stop.


(We took this amazingly adorable selfie)

This is when I started my part of the drive. I drove through the second about half of Ohio and about half of Pennsylvania. I felt like it was never going to end. Just endless straight highway and basically zero civilization. (Especially compared to our destination.) But when it finally came time for me to hand over the reigns to Dana, I could not be happier. I was very much in need of a nap and I planned to snooze if only for an hour.

I did not. I could not get comfortable, like at all. I’m naturally a side sleeper and sleeping in a car is not usually something I can do. It did not help that the sun was blaring in the passenger side of the car.


But then we finally reached the outskirts of the city and we began searching the skyline. WE COULD NOT HANDLE IT!!! Okay we could but it was super exciting. We then decided to do maybe the worst short cut we could. It said it would shave twenty five minutes off our estimated arrival time. It was a trap! Not really we just maybe didn’t fully understand the gps directions and ended up driving all over lower Manhattan just to get to the Brooklyn bridge.

IT. IS. SO. PRETTY!!! (I leaned out of the back window, in traffic to get this picture of the new world trade center memorial that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of.)

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 10.47.16 PM

We finally make it to Brooklyn! Which is just as cool as Manhattan but not as fancy. I am not going to lie, we had to go through a bit of a sketchy area to get to our place, which understandably stressed Dana out. I’m sure we were all a bit stressed by it. Our place though, is actually on a pretty nice street. (We are still being cautious as we will this entire trip.)

Well we got our crap in the door and up the very narrow stairs into the apartment and not long after decided to call it a night. Now I as the earliest riser, by some curse of black magic, am awake two hours before everyone else would even try to wake up. Perhaps I shall go back to bed and attempt to sleep a bit more.

A bientôt 



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