Roll Step or Die! Lessons of a former band geek

(Okay this whole life lessons I learned from such and such is not going to become my thing… But if I did any posts like this it has to be this one.)

Marching band was my life in high school (except freshman year…. we are not here to talk about that though) I spent at least a third of my life in the music department and over two thirds of that time in the band room. I was you could say a full fledged band geek. (Except you know I sucked at playing the flute, not the point) I know so many things in life because of it.


A trombone-ectomey is not a thing you want to happen. Always pay attention to where you’re going.


With enough people the possibilities of what your drill can be is limitless.


Determining which people play certain parts is never fair and most of the time has nothing to do with talent or skill.


Band kids party hard core. Mostly because it’s a release of all the stress their band teacher gives them.


Never interrupt a band kid (or music student in general) while they are practicing unless you want your head stuck inside the bell of a sousaphone.


According to your band teacher, you don’t have school. You don’t have work. You don’t have a social life. There is only band class, marching band practice, and practicing at home.


Pep Band is not peppy. It’s intense and stressful and 9/10 times you won’t play more than three measures of a song.


When the freshmen complain about how sore they are after the first day of band camp.


The only time you will ever see a band kid run is when water break is called.


Every summer story you have is a one time at band camp story, because it’s the most exciting thing you do.


Never touch someones instrument without their explicit permission. You will die.


The one thing band kids love more than music is pizza. They could easily eat an entire one just by themselves. But no food in the band room.


All drum majors take the power of the whistle with stride, as if it makes them supreme ruler. Which it does.


When you don’t have a car to leave between friday practice and the football game, forcing you to be at school for 18 hours.


Your squad leader’s lack of sympathy for you when you lose your drill chart at band camp.


When you see kids from the other band at camp who have the closer practice field.


You may think you look like the marching band in spongebob but you never will.


You will have tan lines after band camp. They will not be attractive.


You may think color guard is dumb and that those that do it are idiots, but I say their bad ass. (I mean can you even do that standing in one place?) Plus they get the cute outfits.


You don’t need to work out, because you might die walking to your car after band practice.


Trumpet players have two volumes: Loud and bursting your eardrums.


No matter what you do, no matter where you go you will always carry these fundamentals of life with you. Mostly because you will most likely have kids in band, who will give you band geek grand kids… you are never going to escape. Your hell is probably eternal after school practice without water breaks. But at least you can roll step!

à bientôt



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